Party in the Back – DIY Sade Blouse

Another week, another project!

Sade Blouse by The Ravel Out

I am excited to share this week’s “Party in the back” project with you – The Sade Blouse by Named Clothing. If you are part of or follow the sewing community, you have probably heard of the much talked about Breaking the Pattern book.

It’s a sewing book showcasing many modern style outfits and includes patterns for these outfits. I bought this book last December and my goal is to make at least half of the patterns from the book this year!


My first project is the Sade Blouse, a loose-fitting blouse which features a gorgeous vent detail at the back and sleeves. It was such a quick and easy sew once tracing the pattern was complete.

Sade Blouse by The Ravel Out

Because I am sewing from my stash this month and I never used to keep record of my fabric types or content, I am not entirely sure what type of fabric this is. Sorry! I have been keeping track now with new fabrics.

The Sade Blouse by The Ravel Out


I followed the instructions to the tee for the most part, and french seamed everything. However, I chose to leave out the suggested ribbon in the sleeves and hem. Although it looked gorgeous on the model, I didn’t think it’ll look that great on me. I replaced the ribbon with elastic for the sleeves. Looking at my final project, I think it was a good decision. I love how it turned out!

Sade Blouse by The Ravel Out

Happy Sewing,


The Ravel Out



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  1. Wow, looks amazing! I have this pattern and you’ve inspired me to get sewing!! I think I’ll use elastic as well x


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