Fun with Dogwood Denim from Spoonflower

Hello everybody! I am so excited to share my collaboration with Spoonflower to celebrate their 1 year launch of the dogwood denim.


Dogwood Denim

Some of you may be familiar with Spoonflower but for those who are not, it is an online platform where you can make custom fabric by uploading your designs or purchasing from other artists to make quilts, clothes, bags, furniture, costumes, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

I chose two different designs to be printed on Dogwood Denim– a polka dot print and a ‘burning love’ design – one classic and one fun print! The denim is a 100% natural cotton bull denim with a rugged twill construction and is on the heavier side (11.7 oz per square yard) making it perfect for a home decor project. After receiving these gorgeous fabrics and getting a feel for them, I decided it was time to dive into making a hat and a tote bag. The denim is sturdy enough to be used for tons of home projects including furniture.


The Polka Dots Afternoon Hat– It has always been a struggle for me to find hats that fit because my hair in its natural state is pretty big so I automatically cannot get it to fit into a standard sized hat. I found an open top adjustable hat a couple of years ago and have not found another since so I knew this would be a perfect project for me. The polka dots print was designed by Angela (binge_crafter) and was a perfect match for my first me-made hat! I was very pleased with how well my first one turned out. The weight of the denim was perfect for that and I plan to make more now. This bucket hat is a free pattern by Afternoon Pattern.

The Burning Love Nummi Tote– I fell in love with the ‘burning love’ print designed by Natalee Wegmann immediately I opened the fabric mail. I mean how fun is this print! The scale of the print was slightly bigger than expected by perfect for the tote I had in mind. The Nummi tote pattern is from the NamedClothing book, Breaking the Pattern. I am planning to use it mainly as a beach bag but I have already used it as my sewing bag when I attended a workshop a week ago. It is large sized and can hold so much stuff and is also great as a shopping bag instead of plastic bags. As you can see from the photos, I lined the bag with the polka dot denim as well.

Dogwood denim - Spoonflower - The Ravel Out

Promotion (no code required!)

Spoonflower is generously providing 10% off 1+ yards of Spoonflower’s Celosia Velvet, Dogwood Denim, Linen Cotton Canvas, Lightweight Cotton Twill and Cypress Cotton Canvas from February 7-February 10. The best part is, no promo code required so go on and check it out!

Dogwood Denim - Spoonflower - The Ravel Out

Quick tips for working with Dogwood Denim:

  • Use denim needles. Your regular needles will break if you ignore this (trust me, I tried it).
  • Perfect for home décor projects. Due to its weight, I would not recommend it for garments.
  • The possibilities are endless! I am planning to use the leftover scraps as a framed artwork.

Happy anniversary Spoonflower and thank you for giving creative a platform to share their work!


Sylvia from The Ravel Out




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