I’m a lover of DIY, sewing, and all things pretty! (a.k.a A DIY enthusiast who appreciates the beautiful things about life). I’m still on the journey of unraveling my passion. This is a blog to share my journey with others and to keep me motivated. I’m filled with tons of ideas but have so little time! I hope you enjoy my blog and journey.


The Ravel Out



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  1. Love all of your pieces. I just started following your blog. Is there anyway you could put the patterns used for the Gold skirt….gingham skirt…belted dress and the Burda pattern number. . Thank you sew much!!! Sewing Cree

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    1. Hi Cree! The gold skirt and gingham skirts are both self drafted but I can give you some really helpful links for that. I’ll get back to you on the burda pattern as well tomorrow. Thank you! 🙂


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