The Limeade Dress

This dress is proof of the constant inspiration and support I get from my Instagram sewing community.


Last week, I watched Rachel from Maker Style attempting to hack one of the gorgeous new patterns by Paper Cut Patterns. Watching her (via IG stories) make her version of a drop shoulder knit top with a ruffled sleeve made me want to make one too but the thought of making anything with knit/stretchy fabrics intimidated me.


I had tried sewing with stretchy fabrics in the past and my sewing machine had made it clear to me it did not approve of me using that type of fabric. For some reason, I sent Rachel a message and told her how much I wish I could make one of these. She was so sweet and sent a long message back explaining how to go about it and made sound like it was the simplest thing to make.


Clearly, I took up the challenge and grabbed this gorgoeus knit from my fabric stash. I have had this fabric for over a year and had enough to make a dress instead of a top so why not? I used Burda 6721 to help with the basic shape of the dress and cut out two rectangluar pieces for the ruffle sleeve. I initially wanted to make a drop shoulder but forgot to do that when I cut the fabric.


I’m so happy I took up this challenge. This dress is far from perfect (you do not want to see the inside of the dress haha!) but I regret nothing. I appreciate all the support and inspiration Instagram and the social media platforms provide. I must admit I still have a long way to go when it comes with sewing with knits (can you spot the unfinished neckline? hehe). I made a limeade dress and I love it! I hope you do too 🙂



The Ravel Out





No Condition is Permanent

“No condition is permanent”. My mom said this often when I was growing up. I remember I would roll my eyes every time she said that. Fortunately or unfortunately, I finally get what she was trying to say. “No condition is permanent” is simply a reminder that you have to strive to maintain the comfortable or happy life because life happens. Life will hit you hard – it is up to you to get back on track or let life swallow you whole.

I’m content with my relationship because we aren’t just lovers but friends as well. As much as it is great to be both lovers and friends, it is twice the pain and burden when things don’t go a certain way. One day, we are the best of friends and the fun kids to hang out with but the next day, we could be squabbling lovers. I have to constantly remind myself that at the end of the day, I want to be happy and share all these happy moments with the person I love. A reminder that no condition is permanent, and that it is up to me to get back up and back on to the happiness train after life hits me hard in the head, is what keeps me going and what keeps me sane.


The Ravel Out